Commuters’ Concerns Addressed

Today while waiting for the 6 train, I noticed a sign on the other side of the tracks stating: “Danger: Rat Posion” with the obligatory picture of a dead rat. Upon finding myself in the situation to actually be in close proximity to this “rat poison,” I might be more readily concerned with the bug-on-a-windshield situation caused by a rampaging, high-speed 6 train. Apparently, the MTA workers have other ideas.


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One response to “Commuters’ Concerns Addressed

  1. Phlip

    Every time I see those signs I want to go see where they put the poison and what the poison looks like. Then I remember that if I went down there, regardless of the possible incoming train, I might electrocute myself on the tracks. I think those signs could be considered a safety hazard.

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