Lovers Of A Feather

Beautiful couple in Washington Square Park.

Fountain Couple

Bookends at the Strand, the best bookstore on the planet on 12th and Broadway.

Strand Bookends

Taken with my Canon Rebel XTi, which has yet to be named properly.



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2 responses to “Lovers Of A Feather

  1. Vickie

    hey, boo — I love that with your camera I can literally read the label off of the man’s underwear. (When the file opened I scrolled around – Fruit of the Loom, apparently.)
    I hope you were sipping casually on iced green tea when this was taken – I can feel the sizzling concrete.

  2. Hmm… I think I’d expect something a little more, perhaps Italian from him. Or at least Calvin Klein. It’s funny what I think people’s underwear says about them. Fruit of the loom might be: “I’m comfortable, fuck you!” And, yeah, the camera’s a beauty.
    I probably was dreaming about some delicious iced concoction. It was one of those hot days when even the dogs tongues are rolling on the pavement panting, “I give up man.”

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