How Green is Your… Wallet?

To preface this ditty, I’m all for a greener lifestyle. However, some people seem to be inept at making real plans. To briefly summarize the article linked above, to increase the number of trees by 20% NYC residents must plant and buy their own trees to assist the government. Seriously, I wish I were kidding. They also say it would “improve real estate values;” meaning you’ll pay more rent for digging a hole in the middle of the gravel and shoving a sapling that you purchased in it only to be plowed down by the next taxi that screeches its way. Thus, the most able bodied people who are mostly not on rent control would rather count the wood growing in these stodgy white men’s asses as trees and be done with it. I, personally, plan on planting a sapling in the middle of my apartment floor and calling it “Fred the Ficus.”


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  1. Phlip

    What do we do when Fred grows up honey?

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