Coffee On Wheels

Wheels create a nice pun with the MUD Truck Revolution.  It’s a game of chance at MUD Coffee, but if you’re lucky, your taste buds will undergo a religious experience, possibly ending in conversion.  Their best baristas may have been trained by Siddharta Gautama himself, as many have claimed to reach Nirvana from a particularly delectable Mocha.  However, fate does work in mysterious ways.  Sometimes a barista who can’t spell to save her life will put half-and-half in your soy latte; thus, making this experience, much like life, a game of chance.

The great prices, down-to-earth philosophy, and rave reviews make this a risk one must indulge in.  Plus, getting coffee from a radical, neon-orange van is one of those novelty experiences likely to end up on of those “1001 Things to do Before You Do Something of Seemingly Gargantuan Importance” lists.

MUD Coffee

Pardon the blurry photo taken with my little consumer camera…  much like vampires cannot see their own reflection in a mirror, the true divinity of MUD cannot be captured in sharp focus.



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2 responses to “Coffee On Wheels

  1. Phlip

    Hallelujah! and like all good converts, I am joining a new cult called “Cafe Orleans is consistent, Gregory’s is good, 9th street is the best, I’ll save up my dollars and stick with the rest!”

  2. Ahh, but you can’t forget Joe’s and Think Coffee. So many choices, so little liver detox function.

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