Classy, Trashy, or Just Plain Snort-Worthy?

What do you name your ritzy, downtown steak restaurant to get the maximum number of people to abandon any notion of former plans and come in? Answer: Striphouse.


This upscale dining venue grabs the “sex sells” slogan by the balls and runs off with the goods. To belabor the point, I am a staunch vegetarian and have been fascinated by this place which, in truth, provides no meat of the non-animal variety. I am torn between lauding this clever marketing ploy and shunning their blatant chauvinism. Their chutzpah may overreach its bounds by displaying a website logo with mudflap girls, turning a classy pun into a sleazy ploy. However, I do admire the sheer gall. When passing by with friends, an unbridled snort of laughter often escapes from our collegiate noses.



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8 responses to “Classy, Trashy, or Just Plain Snort-Worthy?

  1. Lola Lyndon

    It makes me think of…. sex cannibals.

  2. Just one step too many past carnivore, into a whole new rabbit hole that Alice’s mother certainly wouldn’t tell her about.

  3. Phlip

    Grrrr! Yum. Uh-oh. Blatant chauvinism? Nope, just animal instincts.

  4. civilizer

    I gotta say…I am far from a prude (FAR, FAR), but if I am going to lay out money on dinner at steakhouse prices, I’m going to be hard-pressed to take a girl to a place called “The Striphouse.” Nice restaurants shouldn’t have names that sound like they won a contest on “Opie and Anthony.”

  5. Civilizer-
    Women everywhere are thanking you for this completely classy gesture. Though I would have a good guffaw with a man who took me out here, I certainly would have my misgivings about a second date. I also know many who would give him a swift kick to the nuts at the door and go no further. This is definitely a place to go (if one must) with friends that you have a fairly secure relationship with.

  6. civilizer

    I am ordering new business cards this week, and I think I am going to put “completely classy” where my company slogan would otherwise go. Thanks, Pink!

  7. I’m quite honored. I actually was designing a new one for myself at this moment. Leave it to some-divine-being-of-your-choice to put that into everybody’s mind at once: “Make business cards… Now!”. Something out there has a bizarre sense of humor.

  8. civilizer

    You win, you get to design your own cards. All of ours look the same, which saves almighty dollars but eliminates the possibility of any priceless “American Psycho” card-comparing moments. In any case, top-shelf blog you have, and a nice dye job to boot.

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