Slip on this Banana

We pay homage to some hilarious Bardians who formed their own video sketch comedy group, Olde English, that will rock your socks right out from your now-made-by-Nike Chuck Taylors. This is one of their earliest videos (one of my personal favorites) that you’ll appreciate if you’ve ever waken up and not been able to figure out if you had feet, much less where they might be if you had them. Presenting: Hello? Fuck!

They also made a stellar rap video about the NYC Mayor’s Office of Film’s proposed regulations, which have since been reconsidered due to the angry mob of New York artists armed with heavy equipment and tortured souls (in that beautiful way).



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2 responses to “Slip on this Banana

  1. PNY
    Since the city announced on a Friday afternoon in August (and we hope you’re at the beach)…

    After Protests, City Agrees to Rewrite Proposed Rules on Photography Permits
    The New York Times, August 4, 2007

    “Responding to an outcry that included a passionate Internet campaign and a satiric rap video, city officials yesterday backed off proposed new rules that could have forced tourists taking snapshots in Times Square and filmmakers capturing that only-in-New-York street scene to obtain permits and $1 million in liability insurance.”

  2. Phlip

    Why did I click on a link that says “slip on this banana?”.

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