The Morgan Spurlock of Starbucks

In response to Lemon Life‘s post on Mark Malkoff, a man who made an intriguing documentary about his epic quest to visit all 171 Starbucks stores in a day and consume part of something from every one of them. (Really? Really really? Yeah, I know.) Watch it on YouTube. (Note: This link will be posted straight to this page soon, for the moment… I think I broke Google.)

My comment to the post is as follows:

Mark Malkoff is definitely the Morgan Spurlock of Starbucks.

This is quite a feat just mathematically speaking; not only in terms of his travel time, but also in terms of his gargantuan caffeine intake. If there are 80-100mg of caffeine in the average espresso shot and around 600mg of caffeine in your system puts you at risk for heart failure, assuming the minimum amount after 7.5 shots of espresso he’d be considered at risk.

Also, considering that he’d had “8 espresso shots in the past 3 hours” at hour 7… that man must have the bladder and liver control of a G-d. I’m beyond amazed. Perhaps, this is the only time when the word “flabbergasted” can be used appropriately.


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