Bombs or Cocaine… To Drink?

While minding my own business on a casual Sunday walk, I was viscerally confronted by this:

Of course, being armed with a camera at all times, my alarm led to immediate documentation. Is this really what we’re marketing as a “hip” drink? “Excite your mind” seems a little ironic for the slogan. If you do just that, you may find yourself thinking: Why am I drinking from a grenade? I thought the Cocaine energy drink was the most controversially edgy drink I would ever find, but society has a way of exceeding your expectations in a let’s-steamroller-over-every-shred-of-common-decency-we-have way. Apparently, not only can movies capitalize on post-9/11 hype, but so can the food industry. So long as they don’t start making Saddam blow-up dolls (yeah, I know, horrible pun), I’ll continue to have faith in humanity… or maybe just shock marketing campaigns.



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4 responses to “Bombs or Cocaine… To Drink?

  1. That is an awesome find. I went to their Web site to discover: “Every person reaches a slump 5 to 6 times per day…BOMBA and its fast acting energy carrying agents can provide an additional, vital contribution to mobilise new energy reserves in your body.

    So, yeah, I’ll be drinking 6 BOMBAs a day, now.

    Their FAQ was also enlightening:

  2. I particularly like: “Can BOMBAenergy explode?
    Yes, but only inside the body and with a positive effect on your energy levels. The bottle, itself, cannot explode.”

    I’m becoming increasingly wary of this internally explosive effect, perhaps spontaneous self-combustion is not impossible.

  3. Also, their taglines are wonderful:

    *Excite your mind
    *Excite your fantasy
    *Excite your chances

    They really go with the nude couple on their Web site (

    I guess they are trying to sell a different kind of internal explosion, AKA “la petite mort.”

  4. Dan

    Bomba the fuck out of your taste buds!
    No, I dare say this would have sold just as well pre-9/11.

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