Betcha $1.08 You Can’t Pick Up These

About 14 months ago, this appeared on 13th Street, except at the time, it was filled with pennies. Some individual thought that in a city where there are thousands of people begging in the streets, it would be funny to super-glue money to the pavement. They remained there until the solvent was worn down by wind, rain, angry wage-slaves’ shoes, and accidental liabtions of coffee. This sadistic fiend probably has a covert video of people struggling to pry change from the ground like Dan Quayle struggled to spell, speak, or do anything requiring mild competence.

Here is yet one more New Yorker seeking to gain pleasure by making others’ lives more miserable than their own. Although, in the end, some lucky person may have walked away $1.08 richer.


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One response to “Betcha $1.08 You Can’t Pick Up These

  1. Phlip

    They could also have been trying to just be witty and were expressing their (our) need for change. The John Lennon “Peace” slogan is very similar.

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