Being Touristy in the Wee Hours of the Morning

Even if New York City never sleeps, it’s commuters most certainly do.  This (compressed) photo was taken at some ung-dly hour of the morning in a virtually empty Grand Central.  Although, our fine security force did not hesitate to gawk and stare suspiciously at the harmless girl with the camera.  The only thing that I was a danger to is the cup of coffee one of them was audaciously sipping.  At that hour of the morning, even Dunkin’ Donuts coffee from box of higher quality than the beans would have sounded appealing.

I should mention, however, that the police presence is highly comforting, even if I must tell them I’m not begging for money while clutching my expensive purse and camera.



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4 responses to “Being Touristy in the Wee Hours of the Morning

  1. kitmartin

    Maybe the commuters just all take taxi’s after some hour? Ooh, or maybe, its like a time space compression thing, and all those discrete commuters, at 4 in the morning, become represented in the form of the few security officers.

  2. Tom

    Shoshi, I want a digital camera. Tell me what kind I should get.

  3. Phlip

    See, when it is that late, people who are in the city are going to stay there and those who are leaving it, well, they have already left.

  4. 1emptyhead

    Also, when it is late and people cannot sleep, they do crazy things, like start their very own blogs.

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