Starbucks… greener solutions?

A Starbucks in Soho seems to think they have found a solution to the problem of trash production:

Simply render your trashcan “closed” with a friendly smiley face for customer satisfaction and unwanted garbage will cease to accumulate.



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3 responses to “Starbucks… greener solutions?

  1. So no one uses the sugar when they can’t throw out the trash? That is very impressive; although, it is very torturous to have coffee and no sugar – especially Starbucks.

  2. 1795e

    you work at sart bucks i`v never seen a pink haired person working at sartbucks well but mybe you live in a different state or city!!! =)

  3. 1795e

    i love you pink i love starbucks too!!!!!!!!!!! get online pzl plz i miss you!!!!!! =( boohoo

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