About Me

I am the dog eared book you’ll pick up tomorrow.

I am my morning soy latte and two dollar subway ride.

I am the blurry photo you can’t help but squint at.

I am a tasty, emphatic semicolon.



6 responses to “About Me

  1. Tom

    I don’t know what a semicolon tastes like, and how one would define a tasty semicolon…

  2. Thank you for the comment Pink. I so relate to your poem. I love books, latte, soy, photos, and humor. Great site and great taste. See you again soon, I hope.
    Kind Regards/ michael

  3. 1795e

    i agree i have now idea wat a tasty semicolon!!!

  4. 1795e

    im going to call you pink… so pink plz read my blog and tell me how it looks i would really like you too =)

  5. 1795e

    Pink get online!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 wants you do get on life blogs and look at the 1795e blogs!!!!!!!! plz plz do that !!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you dont get on the humor or the random!!!!!!!!!! =)

  6. 1795e

    hey pink, my little sister Gracie says hello and she love your hair too have you ever seen the guy with the hat but it was is hair holy shit that was so fn awesome!!!!!!! =)


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