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Giving Pop-Zen A Chance

After trying to find mental, physical, and spiritual peace from many traditional literary sources, and failing in the way road-kill failed to adequately cross the highway, I desperately searched in [insert name of large, seemingly-soulless bookstore chain]. I came across a book that I had previously overlooked for its seemingly pop-culture version of Zen Buddhism: Hardcore Zen by Brad Warner. What I failed to realize was, it addressed more issues pertinent to my life than any of the others did, and took itself with a healthy dose of doubt and cynicism.

Perhaps, I am merely a pop-culture whore who cannot recognize spiritual growth when it hits me with a monster truck. However, I would rather think that although this approach is far from conventional, it offers more merits in its ironically down-to-earth style.



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P.S.  If you’re in Baltimore.

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Pink is the New Magenta

This post lauds the amazing curative powers of surrounding one’s self in bright colors to enhance your mood. The potential for this to backfire is extremely high. If one has gone off the cynical deep end, bright colors only provoke thoughts about overripe fruit and American Apparel’s current it-doesn’t-matter-if-it’s-hideous-so-long-as-its-preposterously-shiny trend. (Seriously, check out this and this. Feel free to keep browsing, but be warned, so did Oedipus.)

For mild cases, a shade of pink as bright as the cover of Inga Musico’s Cunt (shameless plug, read it, it’s fantastic) should do the trick.



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