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Disgustingly Ironic: Pink Vomits on Pop-Culture and Media

 Note in this fairly recent magazine issue an anorexic Tara Reid, right next to a ditty about “The Biggest Loser.”

I’m almost too outraged to respond, but that would be furthering the issue, and ignorance is not the key.  There is no question that returning to a healthy body image is of  utmost concern, just as there is no question that the images we are constantly bombarded with portray a largely unhealthy ideal.

My schpeal:   You are beautiful.  Love yourself.  Love the body you are given.  Do not let food and weight take up time in these precious moments we are given to live in.  They are numbers that do not add up to happiness.   For anybody who has trouble accepting their body and loving it as it deserves:

Today’s post is devoid of the traditional snark, in efforts to be thoroughly contemplated as a serious issue.


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Gotta Love A Pink Haired Woman


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Living In A Sea Of Pink (Life on My Head)

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“Yes, I am a Natural Pink”



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Pink is the New Magenta

This post lauds the amazing curative powers of surrounding one’s self in bright colors to enhance your mood. The potential for this to backfire is extremely high. If one has gone off the cynical deep end, bright colors only provoke thoughts about overripe fruit and American Apparel’s current it-doesn’t-matter-if-it’s-hideous-so-long-as-its-preposterously-shiny trend. (Seriously, check out this and this. Feel free to keep browsing, but be warned, so did Oedipus.)

For mild cases, a shade of pink as bright as the cover of Inga Musico’s Cunt (shameless plug, read it, it’s fantastic) should do the trick.



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