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Come on Baby, Light My Fire


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Pie Charts and Missed Connections

I ran across an interesting post in the underbelly of the gawker archives today about New Yorkers and their missed connections:

Here is a sample of one of these tantilizing pie charts:

Enjoy, fellow New Yorkers and Craigslist perusers.

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Giving Pop-Zen A Chance

After trying to find mental, physical, and spiritual peace from many traditional literary sources, and failing in the way road-kill failed to adequately cross the highway, I desperately searched in [insert name of large, seemingly-soulless bookstore chain]. I came across a book that I had previously overlooked for its seemingly pop-culture version of Zen Buddhism: Hardcore Zen by Brad Warner. What I failed to realize was, it addressed more issues pertinent to my life than any of the others did, and took itself with a healthy dose of doubt and cynicism.

Perhaps, I am merely a pop-culture whore who cannot recognize spiritual growth when it hits me with a monster truck. However, I would rather think that although this approach is far from conventional, it offers more merits in its ironically down-to-earth style.


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Click here:

P.S.  If you’re in Baltimore.

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Take a look at a new sketch/drawing blog of mine:

Here’s a sample:

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Gotta Love A Pink Haired Woman


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Better Ways To Decide Where To Live

For the first time in decades, the US dollar is not worth more than the US dollar. Read about it here:

In completely unrelated news, I’m moving to Western Europe.

Oh, I wish.

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