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Pie Charts and Missed Connections

I ran across an interesting post in the underbelly of the gawker archives today about New Yorkers and their missed connections:

Here is a sample of one of these tantilizing pie charts:

Enjoy, fellow New Yorkers and Craigslist perusers.


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Artist Provides a New Solution to Pesky Problems of Rain

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The Best Door in the East Village

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Yeah, And I Have Rent Control

Overheard on 14th Street and 3rd Ave.

Man on cell: Metaphorically speaking, I’m on 25th street.

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Starbucks… greener solutions?

A Starbucks in Soho seems to think they have found a solution to the problem of trash production:

Simply render your trashcan “closed” with a friendly smiley face for customer satisfaction and unwanted garbage will cease to accumulate.


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Being Touristy in the Wee Hours of the Morning

Even if New York City never sleeps, it’s commuters most certainly do.  This (compressed) photo was taken at some ung-dly hour of the morning in a virtually empty Grand Central.  Although, our fine security force did not hesitate to gawk and stare suspiciously at the harmless girl with the camera.  The only thing that I was a danger to is the cup of coffee one of them was audaciously sipping.  At that hour of the morning, even Dunkin’ Donuts coffee from box of higher quality than the beans would have sounded appealing.

I should mention, however, that the police presence is highly comforting, even if I must tell them I’m not begging for money while clutching my expensive purse and camera.


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Betcha $1.08 You Can’t Pick Up These

About 14 months ago, this appeared on 13th Street, except at the time, it was filled with pennies. Some individual thought that in a city where there are thousands of people begging in the streets, it would be funny to super-glue money to the pavement. They remained there until the solvent was worn down by wind, rain, angry wage-slaves’ shoes, and accidental liabtions of coffee. This sadistic fiend probably has a covert video of people struggling to pry change from the ground like Dan Quayle struggled to spell, speak, or do anything requiring mild competence.

Here is yet one more New Yorker seeking to gain pleasure by making others’ lives more miserable than their own. Although, in the end, some lucky person may have walked away $1.08 richer.

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