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Yeah, And I Have Rent Control

Overheard on 14th Street and 3rd Ave.

Man on cell: Metaphorically speaking, I’m on 25th street.


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Apparently They’ve Become Vending Machines

 Overheard in an Greenwich Village coffee shop.

Customer: (hands Cashier a $5 bill)

Cashier (snidely): Yeah, we take 5’s now.

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Chivalry Is Back

Overheard in the 8th Avenue L Station:

Male Chauvanist Pig (no, I swear, I’m not biased): Just because I love you doesn’t mean I can’t call you fat!

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New Yorkers at Play

Overheard a few days ago in a Union Square shoe store:

Employee to Boss: So, it’s my money, right? Like I-can-shove-it-up-my-ass-if-I-want-to money?


Also, apparently you get your own words if you’re a British Jew.

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