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Better Ways To Decide Where To Live

For the first time in decades, the US dollar is not worth more than the US dollar. Read about it here:

In completely unrelated news, I’m moving to Western Europe.

Oh, I wish.


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Bombs or Cocaine… To Drink?

While minding my own business on a casual Sunday walk, I was viscerally confronted by this:

Of course, being armed with a camera at all times, my alarm led to immediate documentation. Is this really what we’re marketing as a “hip” drink? “Excite your mind” seems a little ironic for the slogan. If you do just that, you may find yourself thinking: Why am I drinking from a grenade? I thought the Cocaine energy drink was the most controversially edgy drink I would ever find, but society has a way of exceeding your expectations in a let’s-steamroller-over-every-shred-of-common-decency-we-have way. Apparently, not only can movies capitalize on post-9/11 hype, but so can the food industry. So long as they don’t start making Saddam blow-up dolls (yeah, I know, horrible pun), I’ll continue to have faith in humanity… or maybe just shock marketing campaigns.


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The Last Vestiges of Color

With all of NYC’s boroughs undergoing gentrification as fast as the Mayor’s Office of Film can make bad decisions, I sought to find some of the old East Village’s flair (or flamboyance, if you prefer). Luckily, the astringent proposed laws are being reconsidered, or this post might have been coming from San Fransisco instead. Follow the most recent updates here.


Colorful Pillars

Colorful Fence

Note the flyer with Hebrew on it in the second photo. Apparently, more than just my nose draws me to my brethren.

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How Green is Your… Wallet?

To preface this ditty, I’m all for a greener lifestyle. However, some people seem to be inept at making real plans. To briefly summarize the article linked above, to increase the number of trees by 20% NYC residents must plant and buy their own trees to assist the government. Seriously, I wish I were kidding. They also say it would “improve real estate values;” meaning you’ll pay more rent for digging a hole in the middle of the gravel and shoving a sapling that you purchased in it only to be plowed down by the next taxi that screeches its way. Thus, the most able bodied people who are mostly not on rent control would rather count the wood growing in these stodgy white men’s asses as trees and be done with it. I, personally, plan on planting a sapling in the middle of my apartment floor and calling it “Fred the Ficus.”

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