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Light Animation Part Deux


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Sculptural Animation Experiment

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What do the 2008 elections, Britney Spears, and Monkey Sex have in common?

A myriad of random, yet suavely coordinated snark about pop-culture, news tidbits, and well, whatever “sXePhil” can think of.  He caters directly to the intelligent-yet-goldfish-like-brain in all of us, and, personally, I can’t get enough.  For some quality hilarity, watch:

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Slip on this Banana

We pay homage to some hilarious Bardians who formed their own video sketch comedy group, Olde English, that will rock your socks right out from your now-made-by-Nike Chuck Taylors. This is one of their earliest videos (one of my personal favorites) that you’ll appreciate if you’ve ever waken up and not been able to figure out if you had feet, much less where they might be if you had them. Presenting: Hello? Fuck!

They also made a stellar rap video about the NYC Mayor’s Office of Film’s proposed regulations, which have since been reconsidered due to the angry mob of New York artists armed with heavy equipment and tortured souls (in that beautiful way).


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